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Watch : Beer promoter becomes Malaysian hero for standing up to bully

PETALING JAYA: A beer promoter stood her ground while being recorded and harassed by a shopper in a hypermarket here.

In the 45-second video clip, the person recording the video walked up to the promoter, who was giving out beer samples at the alcohol section of the hypermarket, believed to be in Ampang. 
It is unclear when the video clip was recorded. The man asked her race, and the girl replied she is Chinese.
He went on to ask if she could “promote the beer to anyone”, to which the woman calmly replies, "No, I choose non-Muslims."
As the promoter was about to defend herself in English, the recorder criticised her and insisted that she speak in Bahasa Melayu because this is “Bumi Melayu”.
"Are you being racist, that I can't speak English (to you)?" the promoter asked.
The man then made an obscene hand gesture and spewed vulgarity at her before walking away.
The promoter can be heard saying, "You are hilarious."

The video clip was circulated on various Facebook pages and groups, with hundreds of Malaysians supporting and defending the promoter.
"Well done girl. Well done. Respect such a matured and calm person dealing the situation so professionally (sic)," said Isaac Liew.
Mike Ng Yao Hui questioned why the man walked into the non-halal area of the hypermarket to scold the promoter.
He noted it was akin to a person walking into a female washroom, scolding all the women for relieving themselves there before showing the middle finger and dropping the F-Bomb.
Muhd Taufiq pointed out that as a Malaysian, he was ashamed by those who use religion for their own convenience. 
"(She) did nothing wrong and I'm pretty sure that girl never offered that drink to that guy.  
"This guy just wants to 'cari pasal' (find trouble) for no reason, and I'm so sorry for what he did to this girl," Muhd Taufiq said, adding that people like the man who harassed the girl is the reason why Malaysians are being undermined by other countries.
Shahreeman Radzi wondered "where is the race and religious tolerance?"  "What’s wrong with this person? Sad indeed," he added.
Several people have posted the picture of the man who recorded the video as well as the company he works for. 
The man has since deactivated his Facebook profile.



Published : November 20, 2018

By : The Star Asia News Network