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Customer-centric Traveloka aims to be top online travel agency in SE Asia

Traveloka continues to support sustained growth in the tourism sector while confirming its status as a leading online travel agency (OTA), with the aim to be the No-1 player in Southeast Asia, providing a wide range of travel needs in one platform.

Tee Chayakul, country manager of Traveloka Thailand, said on Tuesday: “Tourism revenue from Thai tourists travelling within Thailand has increased by 5.4 per cent to more than Bt930 billion out of Bt2 trillion in total tourism revenue, representing about 19-20 per cent of gross domestic product. 
“A key factor driving growth in the OTA market is the unprecedented expansion of the middle class. This particular group values the opportunity and importance of travelling and isn’t worried about spending in exchange for more rewarding travel experiences. Additionally, the strong competition among airlines has played an important role in increasing the number of travellers. 
“In Thailand, as the market continues its growth momentum, Traveloka has managed to become the country’s most downloaded flight and travel app after starting our operations just three years ago. Traveloka has experienced a 300-per-cent increase in growth based on the number of app downloads, or a threefold growth year-on-year, since our establishment in 2017. 
“Given this jump in growth, Traveloka is well-positioned to become the No-1 online travel agency in Southeast Asia under the concept of #Enabling Mobility.”
Tee added that the company was now committed to maintaining its growth momentum by introducing a wide range of customer-centric products and services through three strategies: data innovation, content-centric and content marketing.
Traveloka, which is based in Indonesia, recently unveiled its latest feature, “Online Flight and Hotel Booking Packages”, offering users even more bundled convenience, together with “Airport Transport”, ensuring that trips include pick-up and drop-off services.

Published : November 20, 2018

By : The Nation