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Garfield the tomcat has a lucky escape

Rescue officials broke into a house in Trang's Kantang district on Sunday to free a male cat that had been inside for some two months.

The officials took action Sunday after a local resident, Ananya Bunchu, 20, called the Kantang police station to seek help.
Ananya, whose house is located on the opposite side of the road from the house, said the owner of the house lives in another province and returned home to check it once every several months.

Garfield the tomcat has a lucky escape
Ananya said the cat, called Garfield, had become trapped inside about two months ago, surmising that the animal had sneaked into the property as the house owner went inside to fetch something.
Its female mate waited outside and cried for Garfield all the time, Ananya said.
She said Garfield survived on food and water pushed into a narrow slot in the door by people in the neighbourhood.
She added that she decided to call the police station because she feared the cat would not survive long enough for the house owner to return and free it.

Published : November 19, 2018

By : The Nation