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Tanker truck overturns, diesel gushes out in Lampang accident

A tanker truck transporting 42,000 litres of diesel oil hit a concrete barrier in the middle of a Lampang road and overturned on Monday morning, causing a large amount of oil to gush out onto the road and fear that there might be an explosion.

Police said the accident happened on the Lampang-Ngao road in Moo 3 village in Mae Mo district’s Tambon Ban Dong at 9.30am.
The accident caused leakage to the rear chamber of the tanker, resulting in substantial leakage of the diesel oil that was being transported.
The Tambon Ban Dong Administrative Organisation dispatched fire engines to the scene to avert any possible conflagration, while the oil firm that owned the tanker sent a truck with a chemical fire extinguisher.
Another tanker was dispatched to transfer the rest of the oil before the overturned vehicle could be salvaged.
The driver of the oil tanker, who was injured in the accident, was rushed to Lampang Hospital, police said.

Published : November 12, 2018

By : The Nation