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Driver surrenders after hitting and killing Myanmar cyclist in Samut Prakan

An elderly Thai driver surrendered to police after his car allegedly hit and killed a Myanmar man on a Samut Prakan road and he then left the scene to return home.

The Bang Sao Thong police station was alerted of the accident on Soi Thai Prakan 22 off Thepharak Road in Tambon Bang Sao Thong at 2.30am.
Police arrived at the scene to find the body of Tin Lui, 32, lying beside his bicycle. The broken windshield of a vehicle was found at the scene.
As police were gathering evidence, Wanchai Hattapholphaisan, 63, turned up and told police at the scene that he was the one who had hit and killed the Myanmar man with his car.
He claimed that he did not intend to flee but had returned to his home to inform family, call his insurance company and fetch the necessary documents for legal proceedings.
He claimed he had been driving home on the dark soi when a cyclist suddenly emerged into his path from a side street, giving him no time to avoid a collision.

Published : November 07, 2018

By : The Nation