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Thai roads need central barriers to minimise impact of accidents: experts

Thai roads need central barriers to minimise impacts from road accidents, experts have told a seminar.

Witthaya Chartbanchachai, head of an accident-prevention centre working with the World Health Organisation (WHO), said the issue was discussed during the 13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion 2018 (SAFETY 2018) in Bangkok. The conference started on Monday and is scheduled to end Wednesday.
The seminar was told that the condition of roads was a major factor contributing to the seriousness of accidents in Thailand, whose roads are among the most dangerous in the world. Experts said the government needs to improve the roads to tackle the issue.
Witthaya said most Thai roads lack central barriers, guard rails or guard slings. This means that when a vehicle has an accident, it tends to career into the opposite lane, resulting in a serious and often fatal collision.
He noted that while motorways do have central barriers, on most highways there is no barrier to separate fast-moving traffic in opposite lanes.

Published : November 07, 2018

By : The Nation