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Ex-convict held for Khon Kaen bike thefts

A 35-year-old former prisoner has been arrested after he allegedly stole motorcycles to meet Lao orders for Bt10,000 to Bt20,000 per bike, Khon Kaen police deputy chief Col Jaraspat Suttayasoranakom told the press on Thursday.

Ex-convict held for Khon Kaen bike thefts

Suspect Keng Prakobtham was arrested at his rented house along with four Honda Wave motorcycles that he had allegedly stolen in Khon Kaen's Muang district. 
Keng was arrested after an October 29 motorcycle theft complaint, which led to a police investigation that identified Keng as the culprit. 

Ex-convict held for Khon Kaen bike thefts
Following his arrest, Keng reportedly confessed that he stole motorcycles for a Lao customer, saying he targeted unlocked bikes and had stolen four since September. 
The police said Keng was released a year ago on a separate theft conviction before he was contacted to supply bikes to be resold by a gang in Laos.

Published : November 01, 2018

By : Kritmet Loho The Nation