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Elephants go for stroll in national park, delight tourists and officials

A herd of wild elephants went for a walk on the road that runs through Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Tuesday.

They walked together peacefully, with the bigger pachyderms apparently taking care of their little ones. 
Bigger elephants sandwiched small elephants as they walked on the road, probably because they wanted to make sure their little members were safe and sound. 
The sight of the elephants delighted and amazed tourists. 
A park official noticed the well-behaved herd and took their pictures to share on social media. 
After the photos and a video clip of the herd were uploaded to Facebook, it had been shared more than 2,300 times inside two hours. 

Published : October 23, 2018

By : The Nation