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Floods follow heavy rains, more to come across Thailand

Flooding hit several provinces on Tuesday morning in the wake of heavy downpours.

In Chiang Mai province, floodwater was more than 50 centimetres deep in front of Pratukom Market and the province’s college of dramatic arts, even though local officials were urgently pumping out water. 
“Small vehicles cannot use the Wualai Road in this area for the time being,” Chiang Mai city’s deputy mayor, Lt-General Panu Rojanawasu, said on Tuesday.
He said he hoped the situation would return to normal soon.
In Krabi’s Khao Phanom province, several roads were also flooded. In front of the Ban Khok Klang School, floodwater was between 30 and 40 centimetres deep. Rescue workers helped locals move their belongings to higher ground out of concern that the waters would continue to rise in the face of ongoing rain.
The Meteorological Department has warned people in North and Central regions to prepare for possible flash floods. Rain will cover 40 per cent of greater Bangkok on Tuesday. Rainstorms are then expected to lash the Northeast, the East and the South between Wednesday and Friday.

Published : October 23, 2018

By : The Nation