Sat, June 25, 2022


Cocaine and heroin seized in Patong

Cocaine has been confiscated in Patong while heroin was seized in a major crackdown on “hard" drugs. 

The police and the authorities say they are concerned about the rise in drug seizures and the amounts flowing around Phuket resorts.
Phuket Vice Governor Supot Rodrueang Na Nong Khai said: “Nowadays drugs price have decreased, especially the cost of methamphetamine pills because the production has been increased and the supply is exceeding demand.
“Many suspects have been arrested and drugs have been seized but the smuggling continues.
“Kratom is still the most common drug in Phuket on a daily basis whilst marijuana is being spread by both tourists and Thai teenagers. Alarmingly, more heroin is being seized from a specific group of people. 
“Cocaine is also spreading in parts of Patong through a particular community. Officers will be continuing an increased suppression on illicit drugs, of all types.”


Published : October 18, 2018

By : The Thaiger