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Body of murdered Bangkok woman found in Hua Hin

The dead body of a 39-year-old Bangkok woman with multiple stab wounds in the neck was found stuffed in a large plastic box in the toilet of a rented house in Hua Hin district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province on Sunday.

The woman, who was supposedly dead for three days before her body was found, was later identified as Suchapat Hiranpanthachote. 

A Muang Hua Hin hotel had earlier alerted police about a female guest who had left behind all her belongings without checking out of the hotel as scheduled on October 9. 

Body of murdered Bangkok woman found in Hua Hin

Suchapat’s younger brother, who along with relatives came to Hua Hin to look for the missing woman after being unable to contact her, told police that the victim had left her home for Hua Hin on October 8, corroborating the hotel’s information that she had checked in that night alone. She reportedly left in her black sedan the following morning and never returned to the hotel. The brother joined police to check the rented house in question to look for her. 

They encountered strong smell coming from the locked house, where the woman’s black sedan was found parked. Her body along with a bloodstained knife was found in the toilet. 

A neighbour, Doungdao Bali, 49, told police that the house was for rent and previously two men and a woman stayed there but in recent times there was only one man who stayed there. She said she had heard a loud noise from that house three days ago but did not suspect any wrongdoing although she was later puzzled to see the male tenant leaving the house by jumping over the fence and riding away on a motorcycle. She said she had felt the stench but didn’t think it was from a murder next door.

Published : October 14, 2018

By : Wimon Thabkhong, Apichat Hongsakul, The Nation