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Two killed in double accident on narrow Roi Et road

A woman pharmacist was burned to death when her car crashed head-on into another car whose driver was also killed on a narrow road in Roi Et province on Friday evening.

Another vehicle tried to avoid the wreckage but ended up hitting a car in the opposite lane, which was in turn hit on the rear, resulting in three people being injured.
Police said the accident happened at 6.30pm on a main road in Arj Samart district that links to Muang district.
Police said Nathomnavaporn Kulmongkolsawat, 27, a pharmacist at Maha Chanachai district hospital in Yasothon, was killed in the fire that broke out and engulfed her car after the crash.
Witnesses said they tried to rescue her but the fire spread quickly and prevented them from reaching her.
Fire-fighters took about 20 minutes to put out the blaze after which her charred body was removed.
The driver of another car, Thongchai Kongsuwan, 56, was killed behind his wheel.
Police said the drivers of three other vehicles were rushed to the Arj Samart and Roi Et hospitals.
Police said a part of the road was narrow and dark.

Published : October 13, 2018

By : The Nation