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KFC presents “Zabb on Ice,” the spicy ice cream innovation

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KFC proudly introduces the utmost innovative “Zabb on Ice” menu, the creative spicy ice cream, the first of its kind in Thailand, according to its press release.

KFC fans should not definitely miss the menu as it will be available only 20 days from October 4-24.
Waewkanee Assoratgoon - General Manager KFC (Thailand), YUM Restaurant International (Thailand) said KFC has been continuously creating and developing a variety of menus by presenting in a modern and stylish way, creating a yum and fun ambiance for KFC consumers.
“Spiciness is the main character in Thai food and is the popular flavor to many Thais. Ever since the beginning of the year 2018, we have taken spiciness into account when creating some new menus. We keep rotating various menus from time to time and many of them were well received by Thai consumers. It is the success which we are very proud of”.
 In term of behavior and interest, new-generation consumers tend to look for new eating experiences. For them, food should look nice, taste good and offer exciting and interesting experiences, which serve as a good reason for them to share their photographs on their social media.
With a profound understanding of its customers’ need, KFC breaks all the food routines and furthers the success of serving spicy dishes through launching “Zabb on Ice” menu, the ultimately innovative, super-tasty spicy ice cream with the highlight of its rich vanilla ice cream coated with prime-quality Belgian chocolate.
The ice cream, spiced with the ingredients used in Wing Zabb and salted with potato flakes, will be sold in a limited period of only 20 days, from October 4-24, at a special price of only Bt39.
“With an exotic taste, unlike any others, the sweetness and spiciness of this menu, we are confident that it will create some fun and motivate consumers’ taste bud besides enjoying it together with other KFC’s popular menus.”
    As of June 2018, there are a total of 650 KFC branches nationwide, of which 248 branches are operated by Central Restaurants Group (CRG), 146 branches are managed by Restaurant Development (RD) and the last 256 branches are run by QSR of Asia (QSA) creating over 15,000 employments nationally.

Published : October 03, 2018

By : The Nation