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Chula poser’s photos draw netizen attention, university threatens legal action

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Chulalongkorn University is gathering evidence concerning a report that a man had disguised himself as a student to join in the university’s activities including a parade celebrating a traditional football match.

The man has been identified as Sakol Iamsaard, and is known among netizens as “BoySakol”.
Sakol’s on-campus presence came to light recently when photos depicting him in an official Chula uniform and participating in Chulalongkorn-Thammasat University tradition football matches were posted to social network platforms and spread like wildfire.
His case brought the birth of the hashtag #BoySakol on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
One photo showed him carrying a sign depicting Chulalongkorn University at the head of the university’s football match parade.
Other photos showed him beaming along with other students while participating in many off class university activities.
Many netizens who claimed to know him wrote in comments under the photos that he was a former student at a university in the northeastern region, and not Chulalongkorn.
Some netizens wrote that he had made up his family background.
A source at Chulalongkorn University said that the campus authorities will seek legal action against Sakol if the gathered evidence showed that he had violated the 2008 Chulalongkorn University Act. The regulation prohibits people other than students to wear its uniforms or graduation gowns without permission with the intent to convince others that they are Chula students.
The punishment for the violation is a prison term of not more than six months and a fine of not over Bt50,000.
As of yesterday, Sakol’s whereabouts were unknown.
A large crowd of media gathered in front of a house believed to be his in Chachoengsao province. A man in the house called police to complain about the media’s presence. Police arrived and talked to the man inside the house and came out to tell the media that they could hang out only outside the house.


Published : September 12, 2018

By : The Nation