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Woman arrested for Phuket thefts

Police have arrested a female who has stolen money, lottery tickets, a gold necklace and tablets over the past few months.

Phuket City police arrested 20-year-old Lattiyakorn Sangdam from Songkhla at a housing estate in Wichit.

Woman arrested for Phuket thefts
Police seized an iPad, two gold necklaces worth around Bt8,000, two Samsung tablets and 350 lottery tickets.
The arrest came after police were notified that, since last month, there was a young woman who was asking shopkeepers to check many items in the shop.
While they were distracted she would steal items. After that, she would tell them she did not have enough money with her and had to go to an ATM before speeding away.

Woman arrested for Phuket thefts
Police tracked her using CCTV cameras.
Lattiyakorn admitted six thefts and stealing 350 lottery tickets on September 4 from a lottery shop on Bangkok Road in Phuket Town.
She has been charged with theft.

Woman arrested for Phuket thefts


Published : September 12, 2018

By : The Thaiger