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Russian tourist snatches grilled chicken, jumps into sea off Pattaya

A Russian tourist had to be “rescued” from the sea off Pattaya after he grabbed 10 sticks of grilled chicken from a beach-side vendor and jumped off a pier early Tuesday.

However, no charges were made and the Russian was not named as the chicken vendor, Jitlada Khamkaew, 27, did not want to press any charges and forgave the man, whom she said had appeared to be out of his mind at the time.
Following the incident a 5.30am, police had to take the man to Pattaya police station to calm him down before he was let go.
Jitlada recounted that while she was grilling her meat near Bali Hai Pier, the man had grabbed 10 sticks of chicken and run toward the pier, before jumping into the sea and starting to swim further offshore.
A Thai man then jumped from the pier and pulled him back ashore while the man kept shouting in Russian, until police arrived at the scene, she said.
Police said they had tested his urine for drug use, but the results were negative.

Published : September 04, 2018

By : The Nation