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Dog severely injured by arrow in Suphan Buri

A district office of the Livestock Development Department in Suphan Buri on Monday was requested to send urgent help to a dog severely injured by an arrow that had pierced its flank.

Saichon Krutchaikla, 47, head of Moo 3 village in Tambon Ban Koom of Song Phi Nong district, rushed to the scene after being informed in the morning that a female dog, which was barely breathing, had been was spotted lying in the sun in front of a villager’s house.

Dog severely injured by arrow in Suphan Buri
The dog had been badly injured as a result of a 5-centimetre-long arrow having penetrated its ribcage. 
The wound had started to become infected.
Saichon called the Song Phi Nong livestock development office to request that they send urgent help.

Published : September 03, 2018

By : The Nation