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More flooding in Attapeu after heavy rain

Flooded villages here had emerged from the muddy waters but now floods are inundating the area yet again after several days of heavy rain.

Director of the province's Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Mrs Bounnan Bounnaseng, said on Wednesday that access to the main town in Sanamxay district was very difficult.
"The road here from the provincial capital Samakhixay district, which is about 30 kilometres long, has been cut into three sections," she said.
Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Savankhone Razmountry, who was visiting the area for the second time, talked to Mrs Bounnan and official media agencies working in the flood-hit region.
After speaking to Mrs Bounnan in the provincial capital, Mr Savankhone set off for Sanamxay and encountered a flooded road at Beb Bridge, about 9km into the journey.

At this bridge, people can only cross the flooded area using small wooden ferries, which can carry only four or five people.
One passenger told Vientiane Times that six bridges along this road were flooded, and it was likely that other bridges would soon be too. 
There are about 11 river bridges on the road to Sanamxay from the provincial capital. At present, people can still leave Sanamxay, but all vehicles must be moved to higher ground.
Mrs Bounnan said renewed flooding began on Tuesday following torrential rain. Vehicles could use the road when the water level dropped, she noted, but yesterday the rain continued to fall.
Sanamxay can be accessed by boat or helicopter but helicopters cannot fly if the weather is bad, while a boat trip takes about three hours.
With the rains persisting, the Xekhaman 1 Power Co., Ltd. announced on Tuesday the dam would release water on Thursday (today) at 2pm.
This means water levels will rise again and central Sanamxay district may be flooded.
Most people in Sanamxay are storing their possessions in upper rooms and on higher ground, while many families in the provincial capital are doing likewise.

Published : August 16, 2018

By : Vientiane Times Asia News Network Sanamxay district, Attapeu province