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Govt pays Bt67,000 to Norwegian shark victim

The Thai tourism ministry has paid out over Bt67,000 to a Norwegian shark attack victim who was injured on April 1.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports paid 54-year-old Werner Danielson, who was bitten on the leg near Hua Hin, before he flew back to Norway on Sunday with his Thai wife. 
However, due to a problem with his insurance running out, the payment still leaves him more than Bt200,000 short.
His three-day stay in a Hua Hin hospital cost Werner Bt300,000. The payout came from a Tourism Ministry fund after consideration by a committee.
Meanwhile, deputy governor of Prajuab Khirikhan Chotnarin Kertsom said that a shark prevention net at the Sai Noi Beach in Khao Tao district would cost Bt500,000.
Discussions are ongoing about installing a net three months after the attack.

Source: norwegian-shark-attack-victim

Published : July 04, 2018

By : The Thaiger