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Indonesia opens hotline in anticipation of another earthquake in Osaka

The Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Osaka has opened an emergency hotline following a 6.1 Richer scale earthquake striking the prefecture on Monday morning.

The earthquake occurred at the northern part of Osaka prefecture at a depth of 14 kilometers at 7:58 am local time, according to authorities as quoted by KJRI Osaka on its official Instagram account @kjriosaka.

No Indonesians were reported to be injured as of 10 a.m. but the disaster killed two and injured 10 others.

KJRI Osaka further said the Japanese government had issued a notice for the possibility of another earthquake that could be stronger in the coming days.

"All Indonesians in Osaka and surrounding areas are requested to stay calm but alert while monitoring and following local authorities' directions," it said on Monday morning. 

For any emergency situation, it said, the office had opened a hotline on +81-80 3113-1003, which is available for phone calls, SMS messaging, WhatsApp and Line chat messaging. 

Published : June 18, 2018

By : The Jakarta Post Asia News Network