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Thai chef invited to Italian showcase

Bertolli, the olive-oil maker, has brought eight global cuisine celebrities to its Italian home.

As a key developing market for olive oil, Thailand was invited, with chef Nan Hongwiwat showcasing a fusion of Thai classics with an Italian twist. The chefs spent a week in Lucca, the town where Bertolli was founded in 1865, staying in a traditional 250-year-old farmhouse, while filming a TV series under the new Bertolli tagline, “The recipe is simple”. The event also coincided with the launch of new bottles, that will come to Thailand by August.
“Having Thailand represented at a global food event for an international product such as olive oil shows how well Thai food is regarded internationally. It was extremely interesting to learn about the olive-oil creation process, and to see where Bertolli first started,” said Nan.
Also attending were American YouTube star Laura Vitale, celebrity Indian chef Ranveer Brar, Finnish judge Sara La Fountain, Dutch food blogger Charlotte de Jong from Charlie’s Kitchen, nutritionist, author and chef from Australia Melanie Lionello, Bavarian blogger Ann-Christin Weber and Valentina Tozza, a blogger representing Italy.

Published : May 30, 2018

By : The Nation