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Supreme Court nominates election commissioners

Supreme Court judges on Thursday re-elected their two candidates to become Election Commission (EC) members although both had been rejected by the legislative assembly.

A general meeting attended by 176 Supreme Court judges at its main auditorium voted to select the court’s chief justice Chatchai Chanpraisri and judge Pakorn Mahannop as the court’s nominations. The court will then submit its two nominations to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to decide whether to endorse them to be among a new set of seven election commissioners.
In addition to Chatchai, 64, and Pakorn, 62, three other senior judges also contested to become the court’s candidates.
In February, the NLA voted down both Chatchai and Pakorn as well as five other candidates nominated to become new members of the EC.
The seven candidates were selected by a screening committee from 41 names. None of them obtained the required support from at least half of the NLA members.
The NLA informed the Supreme Court about the decision not to endorse all seven nominations. The court therefore needed to convene a general meeting to select its two candidates.
Observers noted that the Supreme Court’s candidates were rejected because their election by the judges could not be regarded as being done “openly”, as required by law.
Observers said the NLA had decided to reject all the candidates in order not to embarrass the court.
Before the next round of voting on Thursday, the court altered its regulations to make the election “open”, according to a source. The voters had to put an “X” next to their favoured candidates on the ballot paper.

Published : April 26, 2018

By : The Nation