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Chainat monkeys escape heat in special ponds

The scorching heat in Chainat has driven some 1,500 long-tailed macaques to cool off in three concrete ponds built for them by a temple in Manorom district.

Monks at the Wat Pikul Ngam said the temple built the ponds for the monkeys to cool themselves and drink and they came every day.
The monks said they had to refill the water everyday after the monkeys came down from tree tops to play in the water through the midday heat.
The monks said the monkeys apparently ranked their social status and used the ponds accordingly. Senior or older primates would use the first pond quietly and the mature animals, which are rather fierce, use the second pond.
The monks said the third pond is the highlight and tourists to the temple like to watch it. It is where young monkeys play in the water and jump into the pond with a lot of noise.
The monks said tourists are welcome to buy foods for the monkeys.

Published : April 25, 2018

By : The Nation