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‘Boonma’, the headless fighting cock, dies from infections

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Boonma, the headless fighting cock that was found alive and roaming around Wat Mahathat Worawihan in Ratchaburi province since March 24, died on Thursday morning, Ratchaburi livestock development official and veterinarian Wannee Santamanas reported.

The cross-breed cock, whose face was torn off in multiple attacks by temple dogs , was pronounced dead upon arrival at Ratchaburi Animal Hospital in Muang district after being tranferred from Nakhon Pathom’s Farm Animal Hospital under Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. 
The fighting cock reportedly died from infections from its many wounds, along with fatal shock due to severe dehydration.

‘Boonma’, the headless fighting cock, dies from infections
Phra Noppong Thitithammo, who found the bird and gave it the name “Boonma” (which means “protected by merit”), led volunteers to burn the fighting cock carcass in a pet crematorium at Wat Thung Tan.

Published : March 29, 2018

By : Saichon Srinuanchan The Nation