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More monkey ‘hooligans’ busted in Ang Thong

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Sellers of fruit and vegetables in an Ang Thong market turned two more pig-tailed macaques over to the cops on Tuesday morning on charges of hooliganism.

That’s how the vendors described the simian raiders that, as with another culprit captured last week, are believed to have come from neighbouring Lop Buri province, as stowaways on a produce truck.
The latest pair were caught in cage-traps at Wat Thaiyan in Tambon Sala Daeng in Muang district and taken to the police station for their “arrest” to be recorded.
Then they were trucked to a wildlife rescue centre in Nakhon Nayok, according to Suchart Srithai, director of the Department of Natural Resources office in Ang Thong.
The two monkeys had been living on rooftops near a fresh market for days, climbing down to snatch fruit and vegetables and even ransacking houses.

Published : March 27, 2018