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Murder suspects risks facing additional charge for alleged use of cellphones in court

Two female suspects in a shocking murder-and-dismemberment case may face an additional charge of using cellphones in a courtroom. 

Last week, chat records of murder suspect Priyanuch Nonwanchai talking to a man identified only as Chake were leaked. The supposedly intimate chats suggested that Priyanuch must have chatted from a courtroom. 
Also leaked was a photo of Priyanuch, and Jidarat Phromkhun, who has been accused of receiving the murder victim’s stolen asset. Both Priyanuch and Jidarat were in prisoners’ uniform. They were brought to the Khon Kaen Provincial Court for a hearing recently. 
The secretary-general of the Office of the Judiciary, Sarawut Benjakul, revealed on Sunday that relevant authorities now knew who were the officials in charge of the courtroom on the day the alleged chats and photo-taking took place.
“They used the cellphone before the judge appeared on the bench,” Sarawut said.
He said the court would hold a meeting on Monday to determine whether to press an additional charge against Priyanuch and Jidarat.
“Cellphones are not allowed inside a courtroom,” Sarawut said. He added that if convicted of violating courtroom rules, the two inmates could get a jail sentence and a fine.

Published : March 25, 2018

By : The Nation