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Tip-off leads to capture of two men injecting opium intravenously

Soldiers and police arrested two Karen men who were caught injecting opium in a shack at a longan plantation in Lamphun’s Pasang district on Thursday.

While opium is typically smoked, one of the suspects reportedly claimed the injections gave them “a greater high”. Hypodermic injections are also more associated with overdoses and the spread of blood-borne disease, such as HIV.
Acting on a tip-off about a hill-tribe drug dealer staying in the longan plantation in Tambon Nam Dip, police found Pohdee Kli, 23, and Tipeuy Pendao, 29, along with 82 yaba pills, 3.72 grams of opium and drug paraphernalia, said Muang Ji police superintendant Pol Colonel Wachira Kanchanawipada. 
The operation stemmed from the previous arrested of alleged drug dealer Yu Sukjit, who implicated Tipeuy as his supplier. 
Tipeuy reportedly confessed to police that he both dealt and used drugs. 
The two men were initially charged for possession of illicit drugs.

Published : March 22, 2018

By : Siriya Jankantha The Nation