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University takes action to control stray dogs

The growing stray dog population in the grounds of Phayao University prompted the college to hold a meeting with local government agencies on Friday to find ways to deal with them.

Prof Dr Pranee Yusiri, the university’s deputy rector, sought help from the Phayao Livestock Office and the hospital in Tambon Mae Ka Huay Khan, where the university is located, to brainstorm solutions.
She said the university estimated there were 150 stray dogs in the compound that were causing concern in the university community as students, staff and lectures feared being bitten and falling ill with rabies.
The meeting resolved to vaccinate and sterilise the dogs, and to relocate some of them to dog shelters.
The university will also build a shelter to raise the rest of the dogs and will encourage dog lovers to adopt them or support them by donating dog food, she added.

Published : March 09, 2018

By : The Nation