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Briton dies on bus from Bangkok to Phetchabun

A Thai passenger was horrified to discover Thursday night that he had sat for hours next to a dead British passenger on board an air-conditioned bus from Bangkok to Phetchabun.

Michael Richarddeen, 61, was discovered dead in his bus seat at 7.30pm when the Bangkok-Phu Rua bus stopped at a Phet Prasert bus parking point on Saraburi-Lomsak road in Lop Buri’s Chai Badal district.
He was still sitting as if he were sleeping on the right side of the fourth row from the front.
The bus hostess tried to wake him up to have his mid-way supper at the parking point – only to discover that he had died.
A doctor determined that Richarddeen had been dead for more than an hour.
His Thai wife later told police that he had poor health and was travelling to her house in Phetchabun’s Wichien Buri district.
A Thai passenger told police that when the bus reached Saraburi, the Briton shook and he thought the man might be having a nightmare in his sleep.
When the bus reached the parking point, he asked the hostess to change his seat as several had become empty and also told the hostess to wake up the Briton for the meal.
As the hostess reached the Briton, she cried out in shock at her discovery.

Published : March 09, 2018

By : The Nation