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Rabies vaccinations accelerated in Trang

With four districts declared rabies-control zones, vaccinations have been accelerated in Trang.

Phairoj Intharasri, chief livestock officer in the southern province, said Muang, Huay Yod, Palian and Wang Wiset districts have been on rabies alerts since late February or March.
His office has been working with local authorities to speed up inoculations of dogs and cats in those areas ever since a Wang Wiset man was bitten by a puppy, tested positive for rabies and fell into coma.
In Muang, a married couple bitten by stray dogs at a temple in Moo 9, Tambon Na Tham Muang, is being monitored for symptoms of rabies, Phairoj said.

Published : March 08, 2018

By : The Nation