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Kalasin declares six rabies zones and begins vaccination of pets

The northeastern province of Kalasin has declared six districts as temporary rabies zones. Meanwhile, provincial livestock development officials and local administrative bodies are providing vaccines against rabies to pets and stray animals in all the province’s 18 districts as a precaution.

The six affected areas are: Tambon Kalasin in Muang district; Tambon Khlong Kham in Yang Talad district; Tambon Dong Ling in Kamalasai district; Tambon Bor Kaew in Na Khoo district; Tambon Kud Wa, Sam Kha, Lao Hai Ngam in Kuchinarai district; and Tambon Sa-ard Chaisri and Tambon Don Jan in Don Charn district, said provincial livestock development office head Wanchai Thawilprai.
Officials on Tuesday administered vaccines to pet cats and dogs in Ban Don Yanang in Yang Talad district after a stray dog, suspected to have contracted rabies, was recently found in the area. The vaccination was provided to all household pets within a five-kilometre radius of that discovery.
Since 2017, the province has seen 94 dogs infected with rabies in nine districts of Muang, Yang Talad, Kamalasai, Khong Chai, Rong Kham, Kuchinarai, Don Charn, Sahatsakhan and Na Khoo, Wanchai reported.
He said officials would also provide vaccines to pet cats and dogs in 18 districts, which are estimated to have a total of 130,000 dogs and 10,000 cats.
Wanchai also explained that a suspected rabid dog or any dog that was bitten by one would be placed in caged quarantine for 4-6 months. During this time, they would receive four injections.
Any dog with rabies symptoms would be sent to a temporary animal shelter in Nakhon Phanom, where it would be left to die by itself – unless it went mad and became hostile. In the latter case, it may get a lethal injection and its carcass would be sent for tests. He said rabies was a viral disease that could not be cured.

Published : March 06, 2018

By : Jakkapong Rawiwan The Nation