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Swedish tourist seeks police help over Bt100,000 gone from bank account

A Swedish tourist filed a complaint with a Pattaya police station on Friday, after someone stole Bt99,900 from his bank account, leaving just Bt1.38 left.

Henrik Christian Koch, 49, filed the complaint at 10am, after someone used the phone number 098-9301045 to create an Internet banking account and tied it to his account with the Bangkok Bank’s Central Festival Pattaya Beach branch.
Koch said the thief used the Internet banking account to transfer money from his account twice on March 12, 2017 for Bt90,000 and Bt9,900.
Koch said he opened the bank account on December 29, 2016 with a first deposit of Bt500 and gradually deposited money before he returned to his homeland to work for a year.
He recently returned to Thailand and in a visit to Pattaya found the money had been moved out when he checked the account.
He said the bank checked, and finding the money had been removed through Internet banking, requested that Koch file a police complaint.
To open an Internet banking account usually requires knowledge of the account owner’s ID card or passport number plus the PIN of the account’s ATM card.
Koch said the bank did not say how it would compensate him.
Pol Captain Thanin Kanphai, an officer of Pattaya police station, said police will search for the owner of the phone number.

Published : March 02, 2018

By : The Nation