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Phuket governor wants Trai Trang Beach pollution tackled faster

Phuket Governor Naraphat Plodthong on Tuesday ordered that efforts to curb marine pollution on Trai Trang Beach be speeded up.

Officials of Patong Municipality got the order while the governor was inspecting the beach in Krathu district, which is fouled by canal outflow.
Naraphat said it was the second time he’d responded to complaints of pollution offshore there. His first inspection was on February 11.
He ordered the municipality to urgently secure financing to dredge pollutant sediments where the Pak Bang Canal empties into the sea.
Money will also be allocated for installing a system that can magnetically trap animal-based fat on the surface of the canal before it reaches the sea, Naraphat said.
He said he believed the pollution was originating as waste and wastewater from the canal-side community or from large hotels and resorts.

Published : February 28, 2018

By : The Nation