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Family of ‘meth addicts’ busted for dealing in Lamphun

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A father and his daughter have been arrested at their home in Lamphun province for allegedly selling illegal drugs. Soldiers, police and administrative officials raided the house of Sao Jitta, 58, and his daughter, Nittaya Jitta, 38, in Lamphun’s Ban Hong district at 6.30pm on Saturday.

Sao was allegedly found in possession of 407 methamphetamine pills and one gram of crystal meth hidden in his underpants. 
His daughter reportedly had two methamphetamine tablets in her pocket. 
Informants previously had told authorities to target Sao and Nittaya after young people were seen “suspiciously” gathered at their house. 
Several people were seen running away from the house when officials arrived.
Sao admitted to selling illicit drugs, saying that he and his daughter were addicted to methamphetamines and had sold the drugs to fund their habit. 
“We bought methamphetamines from a man known only as Kham. He is from Chiang Mai’s San Pa Thong area,” Sao said. 
Police are continuing investigate.

Published : February 25, 2018

By : The Nation