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Inspector in critical condition after being shot by policeman

A policeman was arrested in Tak province’s Umphang district on Sunday for shooting and seriously injuring a senior police officer. 

Pol Senior Sgt-Major Suwan Sanwong, 48, shot Pol Lt-Colonel Amnaj Khunyosying’s at the back of his neck on Saturday night while the victim was cooking in his own home. 
The alleged gunman was found drunk and mingling with mourners during a funeral at a house in Umphang district. He was arrested and brought to Umphang Police Station for further action. 
As of press time, Amnaj was unconscious and in a critical condition.
Suwan, a relative of Amnaj’s wife, reportedly often had quarrels with the victim. Neighbours revealed that their latest conflict was over a plot of land. 
Amnaj is an inspector at the Umphang Police Station. Following the shooting, he was rushed to the Umphang Hospital. As his condition was very serious, the police station flew him by helicopter to the better-equipped Mae Sot Hospital on Saturday night.

Published : February 25, 2018

By : Somjit Rungjamrasrassamee The Nation