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Ayutthaya highwayman? Motorcyclist slams into low-slung power cable

A power cable stretched low across a dark road in rural Ayutthaya slashed a motorcyclist’s throat early Tuesday in what police believe may have been a robbery attempt.

Prateep Ritthipaet, 49, said he saw another motorcyclist ahead of him duck forward as if to avoid something, but he was too late in following suit.
It happened on Sena-Wat Thang Luang Road, in Moo 3 village, Tambon Ranjorakhe.
Prateep was given first aid at the scene and taken to Sena Hospital.
Leading motorcyclist Pimpa Saengprapha, 45, confirmed that she’d seen the cable because her headlight was on high beam.
Police suspect the cable had been strung at a dangerous level to ambush motorcyclists, but the would-be robber remained in hiding because of the uninjured witness.

Published : February 06, 2018

By : The Nation