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Dogs ‘jailed’ after police bust drugs party

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Two pet dogs were briefly put behind bars in Pattaya after their owners were arrested for drug offences at a condominium early on Saturday.

Acting on a tip-off, police and district officials raided a room in a condominium building on Jomtien Beach and arrested two ladyboys and a woman, and charged them with having and abusing drugs.
The raid was led by Sattahib district chief Pongphan Yommas and Pol Col Solos Iamsa-ard, commander of the Na Jomtien police station.
The two ladyboys were identified as Banpot Chaikhanom, 30, and Yosita Wongphayuk, 31, and the woman as Rujiphat Nutchanee, 26.
Police seized 1.32 grams of crystal meth and equipment for using the drug from the condominium room.
When police took them to the detention room at the Na Jomtien police station, the two ladyboys asked for permission to bring along their chihuahua and spitz dogs, as they had never left their pets alone.
Police later contacted their relatives to take the dogs away.

Published : January 20, 2018

By : The Nation