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Rohingya youth nabbed on train not involved in human trafficking

Seven Rohingya people nabbed on a Bangkok to Sungai Kolok train in Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Thung Song Train Station on Thursday appear not to be involved in, or a victim of, a human trafficking crime, said deputy national police spokesman Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen on Friday.

The Rohingya youths were unable to present documents to police who were checking papers of train passengers. The five males and two females claimed to be from Bangladesh and said they were passing through Thailand in a bid to reach Malaysia where they would stay with relatives. 
Police are checking their travel route, which they believe may involve crossing a natural borderline between Myanmar and the western province of Kanchanaburi before boarding a train in Nakhon Pathom to continue their journey.
The youth have been charged with illegal entry to the Kingdom, said Krissana.

Published : January 19, 2018

By : Suriya Patathayo The Nation