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Smart Visa applications accepted … for the lucky few

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Foreigners will soon be apply for a new, four-year long-stay permit called the Smart Visa … but it might as well be called the Rich Visa.

The visa, itself, isn’t ‘smart’ or magically electronic but you’ll probably need to be smart – and a high earner - to apply for it when it is introduced on February 1
The Smart Visa program will allow expats to hold a visa without needing to report to immigration every 90 days, as long as they are earning more than Bt200,00 per month.
The program received full endorsement and approval from the cabinet this week, its purpose being “to increase knowledge transfer and skill development in desirable fields such as technology and medicine”.
Foreigners who meet the new visa’s requirements will be able to apply for them at Thai embassies in their home country or at the One-Stop Service Centre for Visas and Work Permits in Bangkok.
Smart Visa holders must also work in specialised fields…
• automotive
• electronics
• medical tourism
• agritech (agricultural technology)
• food technology
• robotics
• aviation
• biochem
• digital technology
• medical services.
Smart Visa holders will only have to check in once a year rather than every 90 days. They will also be renewable for four years rather than a single year at a time.


Published : January 19, 2018

By : Phuket Gazette