Mon, July 04, 2022


Self-defence claimed in fatal Songkhla shooting

An oil rig worker accused of shooting dead a local man in Songkhla on Monday for accusing him of reckless driving has claimed he acted in self-defence.

Yingyong Hemhongsa, 29, was arrested on Wednesday in his hometown, Nakhon Pathom, and a 9mm pistol registered to his father was seized.
Yingyong is accused of shooting dead Songkhla resident Thanwa Chamnan, 35, at Sirichon Pier.
His co-worker Natthawuth Sinto, 37, was wounded by a stray bullet.
Yingyong was transferred to Songkhla to face charges of murder, attempted murder, possessing a gun and ammunition without permits, and bringing a weapon to a public place without a permit or sound reason.
Yingyong admitted he shot Thanwa, but claimed Thanwa and his friends had attacked him and the shooting was in self-defence.
He claimed to have video of the alleged assault but refused to show it to police, saying he’d save it for the trial.
Initial reports had Thanwa confronting Yingyong as the rig workers were returning to a boat that would take them to the rig. Thanwa criticised Yingyong for driving his pickup recklessly following a drinking session ashore.
Yingyong allegedly responded by firing five rounds from a 9mm pistol, wounding Thanwa and Natthawuth. Both victims were taken to Songkhla Hospital, where Thanwa died early on Tuesday.

Published : January 18, 2018