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Singha Drinking Water, LINE make big splash with rewards programme tie-up

Singha Rewards, a new collaboration between Singha Drinking Water and LINE Thailand, is aimed at reaching a larger proportion of young-generation consumers via an innovative loyalty programme.

The drinking-water giant has tied up with LINE, the most sophisticated and efficient digital platform, to create the “Singha Rewards More Drink More Points” campaign. 
Just add Singha Drinking Water’s official account to your LINE account and the reward system will instill the fun in your daily water intake, the drinks company said on Tuesday. 
The campaign aims to target an even larger proportion of young-generation drinkers, after announcing Jinjett “Jaonaay” Wattanasin as the new brand ambassador.
Titiporn Thammapimookkul, marketing director for food and beverages at Singha Corp, was joined by Ariya Banonyong, managing director of LINE Thailand, in announcing Singha Drinking Water’s latest campaign, which he said would open up a new drinking experience to consumers.
The collaborative campaign was launched at a press conference that drew a large attendance.
Thitiporn said the company had invested Bt50 million in the new campaign, which would contribute to the brand’s targeted expansion to younger consumers and create brand engagement with them to strengthen the brand’s leadership status in the drinking-water market.
The campaign is LINE Thailand’s first loyalty-programme collaboration with such a big brand in the drinking-water industry. 
LINE Thailand currently has over 41 million users in Thailand, which ranks as the world’s second-highest nation for the digital platform in terms of usage. 
The huge amount of users is expected to contribute greatly to the brand’s determination to create engagement among young consumers and also mass-market consumers, because the overall user projection of LINE Thailand is deemed to increase even further across all age groups – including teens, first jobbers and also seniors.

Published : January 16, 2018

By : The Nation