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Theft suspect breaks down as he learns girlfriend is pregnant

An 18-year-old theft suspect broke into tears at the Songkhla's Hat Yai Police Station when he discovered that his teenage girlfriend was pregnant and if he is found guilty he will not see the child grow up for years.

Police say Pongsak Worasan confessed he broke into a house in Tambon Khor Hong at 2am last Thursday and stole two cell phones, a computer notebook, Bt2,000 cash and a Honda Wave motorcycle.
Pongsak, who has previous convictions and has served time in jail, is facing a charge of burglary which is punishable with one to five years in jail and Bt2,000 to Bt10,000 in fines.
He was arrested at 4pm on Monday when police spotted the stolen vehicle in front of a house in Tambon Mae Tom and found other evidence inside.
Pongsak, who has served three previous jail terms for theft and robberies, was released last September.
When his 18-year-old girlfriend broke the news to him that she was two-months pregnant he broke down and cried with the mix feeling of joy at the pregnancy but guilt that he would likely not see his child growing up for years to come.
He said he was sorry for what he did and hugged his girlfriend before police escorted him to the detention cell.
Pongsak's girlfriend said she and the baby would wait for his release from jail so they could reunite in the future.

Published : January 16, 2018

By : The Nation