Sun, August 14, 2022


20-km-long congestion on main road to lower Northeast

Isaan people who left Bangkok to drive to their homes in the lower Northeast were caught in a huge bottleneck on a main hill road in Sa Kaew, authorities reported.

At 9am, the line of vehicles on the main road at the Ban Mai Thai Thavorn intersection in Tambon Thapparaj in Sa Kaew’s Ta Phraya district stretched back for more than 20 kilometres.
The congestion started on the mountainous Khao Chong Tako road, a main gateway to the lower Northeast. Authorities said vehicles started slowing down and accumulating at the spot on Friday evening.
The congestion prompted Ta Phraya district chief Arayan Thayai to recommend that motorists use an alternative route passing through Khao Ta Kiew road to Buri Ram instead.
Officials expected that the congestion would ease on Sunday.
Meanwhile, at the Aranyaprathet border checkpoint, large numbers of Cambodian migrants were seen crossing the border back home for the New Year holidays.

Published : December 30, 2017