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Man beaten by Pattaya songthaew operators

A South Korean man was seriously injured in a fist-fight with the staff of a public-transport provider in Pattaya early on Sunday.

Hyon Soo Bae, 53, was unable to move due to injuries to his right leg reportedly inflicted during a beating he received in an argument over seating on a songthaew, a converted pickup truck.
Pattaya police went to the scene after receiving a report on the attack at about 4am. The Korean man is now being treated in hospital. 
Hyon’s female friend said the quarrel started after the staff member hurled abuse at Hyon for refusing to move further inside the pickup.
She said Hyon could understand the Thai language but did not follow the instruction because, as a big person, it was difficult for him to move around inside the vehicle. He thought it would be better if he sat close to the exit.
“Initially, he fought with that staff member. But later on, more staff joined in and beat him up,” the friend said. 
Police said they would check CCTV footage and try to bring the culprits to justice.

Published : December 17, 2017

By : The Nation