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Riverside residents flee overflowing banks

Families living by Surat Thani's Tapi River have been forced to live by the side of a road to escape the flooded banks.

Residents in four Tambons - Tha Kham, Tha Sathon, Krood and Sriwichai - have moved everything, including their pets, vehicles and belongings, to live on Highway 401.
Although the rain has stopped the Tapi River, which flows through six districts (Phra Saeng, Wieng Sa, Kiansa, Ban Nasan, Ban Nadone, and Phunpin) kept rising because upstream floodwater was still moving down from Nakhon Si Thammarat and Krabi.
On Monday, the Navy continued to deploy 30 boats at the mouth of the Tapi River for the third day running.
The boats’ engines are revved up in order to speed the water flow away from where the families live, back out to sea.

Published : December 11, 2017

By : The Nation