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DSI officers being interviews over perjury in Jomsap case: Deputy chief

Ex-teacher Jomsap Saenmuangkhot has given useful information that might lead to charging some Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officers for perjury, according to a top police official.

National police deputy chief Pol General Weerachai Songmetta on Monday said that Jomsap admitted to police that she knew from self-confessed scapegoat-for-hire Sap Wapi that he had told DSI officers he had made a false confession and was willing to take the blame for a death he did not cause in exchange for Bt400,000.
At the time, Sap was under witness protection in Bangkok.
The alleged conversation between Jomsap and Sap would have taken place before she stood in court to petition for a retrial. Under that timeline, Jomsap would have known that Sap was a false witness but insisted on continuing the February 8-10 court session for the retrial, said Weerachai.
Based on the new information, police would interview DSI officers involved in the case, said Weerachai. Police would continue gathering evidence and interview all implicated or involved people, he said.
Jomsap, who was previously convicted of a 2005 fatal hit-and-run crash, is now accused of perjury allegedly committed to clear her of the original crime. She was on Monday denied bail by the Nakhon Phanom court on the grounds that she might tamper with witnesses and evidence.

Published : November 27, 2017

By : The Nation