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Avoid alcohol during cold weather, doctor warns

Doctors have warned against drinking alcohol during the cold weather that has already come to many parts of Thailand.

Monday weather reports said the northeastern province of Buriram has chilled, especially during the mornings and evenings, and there was light rain in some areas. People often gather around an outdoor bonfire to warm up in this season.
But the head of the Buriram Provincial Public Health Office, Dr Withit Sareaudechaikul, has warned people against the belief that drinking alcohol could warm them. That belief is incorrect and could be dangerous for their health.
Not only does alcohol not warm up the body, Withit said it instead damages the kidneys and harms the digestive system. Moreover, drinking alcohol in cold weather can prove lethal, as the body can go into shock.
People should instead keep warm by wearing warm clothes or a blanket, working out, or eating healthy food, Withit said.
He also cited statistics showing an annual winter surge in the number of deaths from diseases related to alcohol drinking.
Bangkok will experience cooling weather in the days ahead. The Meteorological Department has forecast wind for the capital, coupled with a small chance of light rain. The temperature could be as low as 22 degrees Celsius.

Published : November 06, 2017

By : The Nation