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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Fire wipes out 5,000 litres of ‘smuggled’ gasoline

Fire wipes out 5,000 litres of ‘smuggled’ gasoline

TUESDAY, October 31, 2017

A fire broke out in a warehouse on Tuesday morning in Tambon Ban Kuan of Trang’s Muang district storing 5,000 litres of gasoline that was believed to have illegally smuggled and was pending distribution.

Following the 7am report of fire at the warehouse on Liang Muang Road, firefighters with three fire engines went to the scene in Soi Ban Kuan 3 and took an hour to control the flames. 
Officials initially found that the fire had engulfed the whole warehouse along with a pickup truck, motorcycle and 14 oil drums, each with a 200-litre capacity. They also found the burned carcass of a dog in a cage. 

Fire wipes out 5,000 litres of ‘smuggled’ gasoline
An initial police investigation found that two men had arrived at the fenced-off warehouse, which was equipped with CCTV, in a pickup truck carrying oil drums used to store the gasoline. However, sparks ignited during the unloading of the gasoline triggered the fire. 
The two men then fled the scene on foot as nearby residents, who heard several explosions and saw smoke bellowing from the building, alerted police.
Police said they planned to summon the property owners to be interviewed, while the forensic officers would inspect the scene to determine the cause of fire on Wednesday.