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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
Buri Ram farmers sun-dry salvaged rice grains

Buri Ram farmers sun-dry salvaged rice grains

SUNDAY, October 29, 2017

Rice farmers from villages in Buri Ram’s Khaen Dong district on Sunday spread out their rice alongside roads and in high-elevation fields after harvesting thousands of rai of flood-hit rice fields.

The farmers were hoping that the seeds would lose most of their moisture and therefore bring a higher price when they sell them to rice mills.
 Drier seeds could fetch around Bt10,000-Bt13,000 per tonne, while freshly harvested seeds or seeds with higher water content might sell for less than Bt8,000 per tonne or even be rejected by some mills.

Buri Ram farmers sun-dry salvaged rice grains
Many farmers were unable to harvest seeds before fields were inundated with floodwaters.
Their representatives have called for government financial aid as they were running out of money and still had to repay debts to the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.
Thongsa Yonram, 40, a Ban Yang Thalae farmer from Tambon Khaen Dong, said 10 rai of her 22-rai (1.6-hectare) rice field were submerged but she managed to harvest rice seeds from the rest of the area to sun-dry.
She urged the government to survey the impact of the floods on farmers in order to pay them compensation. She also wanted the government to ensure the market price of rice does not sink below Bt14 per kilogram.

Buri Ram farmers sun-dry salvaged rice grains