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New coins to be put forward for royal approval

The Treasury Department has proposed details of new coins for Cabinet and royal approval, according to its director-general.

Recent reports stating that the department planned to produce new coins with values of Bt10, Bt5, Bt2, Bt1, Bt0.50, Bt0.25, Bt0.10, Bt0.05 and Bt0.01 for circulation in the fiscal year 2018, and commemorative coins for the Coronation.
Patchara Anuntasilpa, director-general at Treasury Department, said that it has proposed that the Cabinet issues a ministerial regulation defining the coins' values, metal, weight, sizes and patterns.
The department has been granted a royal decision on the design of the planned Coronation commemorative coins, although details including coin types, sizes and weight have not been determined yet.
These details require screening from the department's committee for coin planning and the committee for commemorative coins, as well as approval from the Ministry of Finance.

Published : October 17, 2017

By : The Nation